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In The Name Of The Future - The Kovenant А Также Carpe Tenebrum - The Kovenant & Carpe Tenebrum

Posted by: | on October 2, 2012

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  1. Musar says:
    Jun 27,  · The Kovenant The Kovenant, the band known formerly as Covenant, has come a long way since their early days. As Covenant, this band released two albums, with the first (In Times Before The Night) a rather typical black metal affair, and the latter (Nexus Polaris) widely regarded as a classic in the black metal field, though by this time the band was broadening its style and was already.
  2. Malam says:
    Dark Celebration-Damned Be Thy NameGRAVEWISH Dark Celebration-Indicium-PromoGRAVEWISH Dark Covenant-Eulogies for the FallenGRM Dark Day Dungeon-Know Your EnemyrH Dark Design-Time is an IllusionGRM Dark Domination--Let Satan Speak Through Our LipsViC Dark Embrace-The Call of the Wolves-WEBENTiTLED.
  3. Kisho says:
    Unfortunately, simply adding "The" in front of the name would not suffice, because a Dutch heavy metal band had been named The Covenant since So they added "The" and also replaced the "C" with a "K" to avoid any future confusions, leading to their permament name "The Kovenant".
  4. Tegrel says:
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  5. Nalar says:
    THE KOVENANT BIOGRAPHY. The Kovenant is a Norwegian band formed in which has evolved from symphonic black metal to industrial metal and avant-garde metal on more recent albums, shaping the style that Psy Coma (in those days known as Blackheart) coined after the release of Nexus Polaris: Progressive Space Metal.
  6. Vudonris says:
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  7. Samurg says:
    Kovenant,The In All Languages CD1 - Flesh Of God In All Languages CD2 - Beyond The Flesh Hymns Godgory Sea of Dreams doom,doom-death Shadow's Dance Way Beyond Godkiller The End Of The World Монако Godless Crusade Dawn Of The Last Day Godless North Summon the Age of Supremacy Gods Tower The Eerie Slavonic pagan doom-metal The Turns Ebony.

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